Escape to serenity with this 5 minute nature meditation

Spending time in nature is a short cut to serenity. This is a truth we intuitively understand. Walking underneath the canopy of a forest as you take in the gentle, rhythmic sound of rain on leaves overhead, scaling the hills around a beautiful lake with the cleansing burn of fresh air in your lungs or sitting with your gaze fixed on the point where sea meets sky are routes to instant calm.

If a meditation on nature, a memory of a beautiful vista, or a brief time spent in a park can help us tap into its therapeutic power, we can harness it at will wherever we are.

Next time you want to be instantly transported to calm, try this escape to serentity nature meditation.

Begin by sitting comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your mind to relax.

With your body planted firmly on the ground, feel the earth beneath you.

Picture yourself in a field or forest beneath a large, leafy tree with strong branches. Smell the rich soil and clean air. Listen to the wind rustling through the leaves and notice if you hear any birds or animals stirring within.

Visualize the tree’s leaves, branches and turn, then picture yourself reaching out to touch it. Feel the texture of the bark. Be aware of the shade the tree offers, the wood it provides, how it cleans the air, and its beauty.

Appreciate the tree as a living organism. Imagine it drinking up the water through its complex root system.

Visualize the lengthening, spreading branches, and the leaves opening towards the sun.

The warm sun is beaming down and as you soak up the light, you feel your whole body fill up with a renewed energy and calm.

When you’re ready, open your eyes and take this restorative energy and calm with you into your day.

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