Q+A with Tamara: what is the best time for meditation?

Q: "I want to ask you what is the best time for meditation?"

- Chris

Thanks for your question Chris! It’s a common one.

In relation to the best time of day to meditate, it’s different for everyone. It can be beneficial to meditate first thing in the morning because you’re able to cultivate a mindful state you can bring into the day.

Starting the day off with a gentle meditation, rather than jumping out of bed and rushing into the day can create a calm feeling of spaciousness, so if you face stress, you’re better able to deal with it.

It can help you bring awareness to your habits and reactivity because you’ve started the day off mindfully, and it can assist with calm decision-making.  
I personally love my evening meditation because I tend to have a very busy mind at night, which impacts my sleep. Meditating in the evening can help still the mind, and is a great transition to wind down and prepare for sleep.

However, some people find they are too tired to meditate in the evenings so they end up skipping their evening meditation or falling asleep during it – those people would do better with morning or daytime meditations.
You can really meditate any time – morning, after work, after dinner… What’s most important is that you find a time of day that you can stick with for the sake of consistency.

I encourage you to experiment to get a sense of what time of day feel best for you. After all, this is your practice. Make it work for you! 
All the best, 

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