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Calm Schools: free mindfulness training tools for every teacher in the world

Calm Schools: free mindfulness training tools for every teacher in the world


In today’s rapidly changing world, children face unique social and emotional challenges. Kids are experiencing greater pressures earlier in life, and feel more stress and anxiety than ever before.

We asked the question: What if their school day began with a few moments of quiet and stillness?

The answer: They’d start the day feeling more calm, more concentrated, and more peaceful.

We want to empower kids to thrive, not just survive.

Therefore, we’ve created The Calm Schools Initiative. Our goal being to help educators introduce mindfulness in the classroom.

To start, we’ve developed introductory meditation sessions, which have been developed for each specific grade. They’re designed to help teachers introduce mindfulness to their students.

Numerous studies have shown the many benefits of teaching mindfulness to children. Through mindfulness education, kids can develop a lifelong capacity for greater self-awareness, concentration, patience, and resilience.

This heart-warming initiative highlights Robert W. Coleman Elementary School in Baltimore and the stunning tangible benefits that are being seen from children practicing mindfulness. Instead of punishing disruptive kids or sending them to the principal's office, the Baltimore school has something called the Mindful Moment Room instead.

Misbehaving kids are encouraged to sit in the room and go through practices like breathing or meditation, helping them calm down and re-center. The results speak for themselves:  there have been exactly zero suspensions last year and so far this year.

These results support why we've launched The Calm Schools Initiative.

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We are offering every teacher in the world free access to Calm, the mindfulness app that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world use everyday.

Our aim is to empower teachers with mindfulness tools and resources they can use to help kids learn this new skill.

Many teachers understand the benefits of mindfulness, but they face time and budget constraints, making it challenging to bring mindfulness education to the classroom.

Under our initiative, any teacher with a K-12 classroom, anywhere in the world, can get free access to Calm’s paid subscription service (available on Android, iOS and the web).

Teachers will have unlimited access to our growing library of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises, including Calm Kids, our programs tailored for age groups from pre-K through high school.

Over the coming year, we will be steadily adding to our Calm Kids library, equipping teachers with an ever-expanding supply of content crafted for the unique needs of their students.

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Our goal is to onboard 100,000 classrooms this year, improving the lives of over 1 million children.

So how to get started?

If you’re a teacher, just take 30 seconds to fill out this simple form and you’ll be approved for The Calm Schools Initiative within a few days.

Once you’re approved, we’ll send you some on-boarding resources to help you get started. We’ll share tips, suggestions, and best practices to introduce mindfulness to your classroom and get your students excited about meditation.

If you’re a parent or student, please share this post to your teacher and let them know how important mindfulness education is to you.

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