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Live an abundant life through the power of gratitude

Live an abundant life through the power of gratitude

Let’s start with a question: How often do you hear yourself saying the words “I want, or I wish…."?

If you’re like the rest of us, it’s probably often.

We’re always wanting better things… always wishing for more. And when we’re focus on what we lack, it’s impossible to feel happy and satisfied.

Many of us are addicted to this “not-enough” syndrome. What we have is never enough. So we rush out and buy that new thing we’re missing, get that high paying job or perfect relationship, and for a while things are great, until they’re not.

You see, nothing stays shiny and new for long. No job is perfect, and no relationship comes without challenges.

So we end up right back where we started - wishing and wanting some more,

It’s a trap many of us fall into, but a way out is through gratitude.

It almost sounds too simple but gratitude has the power to completely change our perspective – that’s why it’s so powerful. As we notice what’s right in our lives instead of what’s wrong, it fills us up and returns us to a state of joy and contentment.

Take a moment and bring to mind a time that you felt gratitude.

It could be a time you were the recipient of a kindness, or achieved a success, a moment where you appreciated your health, your home… A talent or quality you possess. Perhaps it was a moment you enjoyed a celebration…. or being with a loved one. It could be a recent memory, or from when you were young.

Just choose any moment you remember being full of gratitude.

Reflect on that time and in your mind, experience it again as though you were enjoying it right now.

View the scene as though it were a movie.

Hear the sounds around you…. Feel any sensations you experienced … See the faces of any people nearby.

Inhale deeply and feel into the joy of that moment and the delight that comes with gratitude.

What we usually find is that when we feel gratitude, it’s unlikely we also experience scarcity or lack. There isn’t that same nagging sense of needing more. We’re actually satisfied with what we have. And that’s because gratitude has the power to bring us into the present moment, and infuse us with contentment.

The more we focus on what we lack, the more prevalent that feeling becomes. And the more we practice gratitude, the more abundant we feel.

A great way to strengthen the habit of being grateful is through using gratitude signs.

In the same way we use alarms to wake us up or remind of appointments, we can use gratitude signs as a way to stop and remind us to be grateful through the day.

Some examples of signs you can use are red traffic lights, or the sound of a creaky door, an airplane flying above or children’s laughter. It could even be something as obvious as a sticky note on your fridge. It doesn’t matter what you choose, the point is that every time you notice that sign you stop and for a moment, find gratitude.

Consider a few gratitude signs you can use as reminders in your own life.

This practice is a powerful way to bring you into the present and strengthen your connection to gratitude. And as that connection strengthens, so will your experience of abundance and peace of mind.

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