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Calm is committed to developing evidence-based sleep and mindfulness resources informed by ongoing, rigorous scientific research, as our part in supporting the health and happiness of our community, and the world.


Our team works closely with a group of distinguished academic researchers and clinicians who guide and review our efforts, to ensure our offerings are scientifically sound and effective.


Meet the Director of Calm Science

Scientific Advisory Board

The purpose of Calm’s SAB is to inform content and product development by conducting research, reviewing the scientific literature, and building partnerships with other healthcare providers and researchers.

The Scientific Advisory Board is directed by Jennifer Huberty, PhD and consists of the following members: 

Research Coordinator

Megan is a research coordinator for Calm. She has over ten years of experience working in academic and applied research settings as a project manager, research associate, and graduate-student researcher. Her primary research interest is in emotional regulation and dysregulation in vulnerable populations. She has expertise in the preparation, integration, and analysis of complex, multisource data. Prior to joining the Calm Science team, Megan received her Masters in Clinical Psychology from the University of Utah. After receiving her degree, she worked as a research and statistical consultant, and she continues to serve as an ad-hoc consultant for colleagues in the Masters and Doctoral programs.

Publications about Calm 

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Ongoing studies using Calm

Ongoing studies using Calm - Feasibility and preliminary effects of a mobile app on sleep disturbance - Recruitment completed, study in progress

Feasibility of mindfulness-based prenatal stress reduction using Calm - Currently recruiting

Feasibility of using Calm to reduce burnout in physician assistant students - Currently recruiting PA students (Check out your eligibility for the study here)

Are you interested in conducting research/partnering with Calm? 

 Submit your proposal and the Director of Science will be in contact if we are interested in your idea. Thank you! 

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