Calm Stories

There are so many ways meditation can look and there are so many ways to be a meditator. As many ways as there are people!

Our Calm Community is made up of thousands and thousands of us, all on our individual mindfulness journeys, together. Some of us meditate for hours, some seconds. Some daily, some occasionally. All of our practices — however regular, however fledgling — are perfect.

At Calm, we want to make the world a happier, healthier place by making mindfulness accessible to everyone. 

Here, some members of our Calm Community have been generous in sharing their stories — how they found a way to make meditation to work for them, even though they didn’t think they were necessarily the kinds of people who could be “good at” meditation.

They’re people with busy minds, workaholics, people “with lots of mental tabs open.” They’re doers. Some of them identify as “chatty” and not as people who find quieting their minds at all comfortable.

But they’ve each found a way in and it’s helped through challenging times, and they are offering up their experience to others, in case it helps someone else.

If you want to meditate but have had some false starts or you already have a practice but are open to new ideas, or if you just enjoy hearing other people’s stories … do explore this library of very short talks. This is your Calm Community.