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Can you communicate with more care? #DailyCalm

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Make someone's day today. #DailyCalm

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In development: 3 Gates of Speech Video 


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Observe your thoughts passing by.

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Allow thoughts to come and go.

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Creative Living Beyond Fear
- 3,450 clicks
- 660 app installs!
- 904 app opens
- 28 web session starts

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Daily Calm Community


Online Meditation Retreat (March 2018)
Meditations: Beginner's Mind, Body Scan, Loving Kindness

  • 338 attendees

Highly requested event. Great opportunity for detailed feedback from our users, too!

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Calm Book Club (Since May 2018)

  • 3 Book Clubs so far
  • In-depth community discussion
  • Creates an opening point for using mindfulness in other (potentially difficult) areas of life that then relates back to the resources within the app
  • Linking to Masterclasses
  • 27.6k active members
  • Average 1.2k new members per month
  • Average 102k posts, comments and reactions


“Right now, it’s like this”

Extract from Daily Calm which talks about impermanence. A reassuring, comforting video for those who are finding things difficult. “Right now, it’s like this” and that’s okay…

Three Stage Breathing Space

  1. Checking in with mind, body & thoughts
  2. Gathering, narrowing attention to the breath and breath only
  3. Expanding awareness to the body as a whole and the space it takes up

The Gates of Speach

  1. Is it true
  2. Is it necessary 
  3. Is it kind

Nature apologies about mindfully working with thoughts

  1. River
  2. Sky/Clouds
  3. Weather

Please take 5 minutes to write down your ideas.