The Daily Calm Community Guidelines

Here’s a quick overview of this document:

  1. About the Community

  2. How to introduce yourself

  3. The Community Guidelines

  4. Meet the Community Ambassadors

About the Community

This group is for Calm Subscribers who want to explore and discuss the themes presented in the Daily Calm (a 10-minute mindfulness meditation served fresh daily in the Calm App). You can learn more about Calm here.

The intention of this group is to cultivate a sense of connection based on our shared mindfulness practice.

There’s an abundance of experience, knowledge, and heart in our global community of meditators. Let’s learn from each other and grow together.

You’re invited to share your mindfulness insights, talk about what comes up for you in your meditation, speak honestly about your struggles integrating mindfulness into your daily life, offer encouragement, and ask questions. We ask that all sharing be done through the lens of mindfulness. We know this is a practice, you don’t have to be perfect, just open to exploring the process with us.

Introduce yourself

In the spirit of building community, we'd love to get to know you a little. When you have a moment, post to the group and tell us:

  • where you're from

  • why you meditate

  • your hopes for the Daily Calm Community

  • anything else we should know

  • include a picture of yourself, where you’re from, or your favourite place to meditate

Group Guidelines

We aim to cultivate an atmosphere of respect, empathy, compassion, and curiosity.

  • Please hold all that is shared by group members in confidence.

  • Please refrain from the use of harmful language. Being a part of this community means you are agreeing to be an uplifting presence in this group. We have no room for judgement, criticism or hate.

  • Please do not advertise or fundraise on this page.

  • Please do not promote your own blog, website, group, social media account or business.

  • Please do not offer medical advice or request medical advice (including natural remedies).

  • While mindfulness and meditation can be honoured as a practice that came out of traditions like Buddhism and Hinduism, today meditation is a universal and secular practice. It can be practiced by anyone at anytime in any place. People of all faith and religions are welcome here. Please do not proselytize, evangelize or preach.

  • Please do not talk politics.

  • Our team of ambassadors are here to support the care, integrity, and safety of the community. Please know that if you notice any posts or comments that feel inappropriate or if you feel your personal boundaries have been disrespected in any way, please let Christi-an Slomka know via messenger or report the post by clicking the arrow in top right corner of the post. Also, please let the admins know if someone from the community is private messaging you a promotional offer or sending spam your way.

  • This is not a crisis support group. We will remove any suicide threats from the page and contact the poster individually to check in on them and encourage them to seek support from a professional and a trusted friend. It is important to note that we aren’t professionally trained to support anyone who might harm themselves, or others. If you're in immediate physical danger, please contact local law enforcement or a suicide hotline for help. If you're going through something difficult and the threat isn't immediate, we want you to know there are things you can do right now that may help you:

    • Talk to someone at a helpline

    • Reach out to someone you trust

    • Learn about other ways to support yourself

We reserve the right to remove photos, posts or comments that are not in alignment with the above guidelines. With discretion we may also block anyone who violates the Community Guidelines from further participation in the group.

Please be good to each other.

This is a living document and will grow with the community. Email Christi-an Slomka, Calm’s Community Manager, at if you have any questions, concerns or additions.

Meet our Daily Calm Community Team

Christi-an Slomka | Community Manager


I’m honored to be the Community Manager for The Daily Calm Community. I’ll be posting questions every day to spark discussion about the themes raised in the Daily Calm. I look forward to getting to know you and walking this path together.

My mindfulness practice has been a companion through life’s up and downs including living with anxiety, depression and cruel inner critic. I never pretend to know everything or to have transcended suffering, but rather I aim to share my humanness and learnings to support to others. My mindfulness practice doesn’t look the same everyday. It includes seated meditation, exercise, constructive rest, washing dishes, eating lunch, walking my dog, keeping my plants alive and nourishing relationships with other humans. I’m a yoga teacher, a psychotherapist-in-training and I take care of Calm’s social media.

Celina Caprino | Community Ambassador


As a Community Ambassador, I volunteer my time to help out with approving member requests, welcoming new people into the group and contributing to the conversation. I live in the Netherlands with my boyfriend and 4.5-year-old daughter. I run a full-time Instagram-based blog, website & YouTube channel. Even though I loved yoga, meditation seemed intimidating to me until I discovered Calm. It changed my life. I started with 7 Days of Calm (which took me 3 weeks to complete, ha!) but then found myself repeating the 7 Days of Calm and the body scan sessions every day. Thanks to Calm I learned how to meditate (even without guidance, yay!) and now Calm brings me even more by providing me with this beautiful Facebook community.

Inna Semenyuk | Community Ambassador


I live in San Francisco and help companies (including Calm) connect with their audiences and tell their story through social media. I previously lived in London and Moscow with a busy job in PR. I was no stranger to reoccurring headaches, bad sleep and constant anxiety. I did my share of soul-searching, yoga and meditation apps that did nothing for me before discovering Calm. I'm pretty sure I cried during my first Calm meditation session - that's how deeply it spoke to my heart. Calm helped me through times of uncertainty, to discover my inner strength and bring more self-love and gratitude into my life. I have been meditating with Calm for over a year and I keep coming back to Calm not only when I'm feeling low but also when I feel happy and grateful. Looking forward to connecting with everyone in the Daily Calm Community!

Ophylia Wispling | Community Ambassador


I work at Calm as an Audio Producer to bring the meditations and sleep stories to life. My educational background, as a massage therapist and psychologist, jump-started my path to mindfulness at a young age. I have experience with depression, anxiety, and CPTSD. I am constantly researching ways to help others find healing within. I am also a musician and audio professional. Mixing all of my passions into one amazing job at Calm is a dream come true.


Daniel John | Community Ambassador


Helloooo my names Daniel and I’m from Lancashire in the United Kindom 😊

I was inspired to be a Daily Calm Ambassador as I love meditation and love supporting and working alongside other people! 😊

When I’m not meditating or on ambassador duties I work as a specialist domestic abuse/ participation Children and Young Peoples worker. I am currently training to become a Social Pedagogue at university and Im also a performing musician 😊

My usual mindfulness routine is loving kindness in the morning, daily calm around lunchtime and then sleep story at night (usually sleep drift) 😛 Much love x

Aniqa Anwar | Community Ambassador


Hey All, my name is Aniqa and I'm currently living in NYC. Professionally I work in advertising analytics, and when I'm not at work you'll usually find me curled up with a good book or cooking a delicious meal. Early this year I started strength training and it's done wonders for my mind and body - I'll usually start my mornings with a Calm session and then head over to the gym. Other than that I've been doing yoga for over 5 years now, and I still try to keep a regular practice. One of the greatest benefits of mindfulness for me has been in realizing that there's a lot of room to choose how we respond to our thoughts and emotions, and in helping me create the space by noticing my thoughts without attachment.I've been meditating for about a year now, and it's helped me tackle some of my own challenges with emotional reactivity and anger. It's radically improved my life and my relationships, and it's one of the most empowering tools I'm privileged to have access to. This group is such a positive and sincere space, and I'm honored to be able contribute my time as a Community Ambassador and deepen my involvement with the team! Feel free to reach out if you want to chat or if you have any questions and thank you for being a part of this wonderful community! :)

Winifred Borin | Community Ambassador


I started meditating a couple of years ago after a life changing traumatic event. At this time I realized I needed to do something to help myself heal. I had heard about meditation but have to admit I thought it sounded odd. I was given the Calm app as a gift and after trying it for a while I started to notice a positive difference in myself.

My ah-ha meditation moment came when I realized how negative and hurtful I had been treating myself. I had become so accustomed to putting myself down that it was my normal. When I realized this negative self-talk I started to see how often I did it and it seemed like a daunting task to tackle. I also came to discover how it rubbed off on others as well. Meditation has helped me to see these thoughts as they truly are…LIES… It was then I could start to work on changing them. I have sinse found… it’s okay to not be perfect. I’m okay with the fact that some of these thoughts are so ingrained in me it will probably take a lifetime of work. I used to think that made me flawed. Now I know it makes me…ME!

When people ask me about Calm I tell them: It can truly change your life and like anything good at times it can be hard but it’s so worth it! I tell them don’t give up because it’s not doing what you think it should right now. I tell them meditation for me is about acceptance, patience, persistence, and healing. I tell them don’t give up… be patient with yourself because all good things worth having take TIME.

I’m so honored to be a part of this wonderful community. I look forward to getting to know you all better!

Tracey James | Community Ambassador


Hi I'm Tracey. I'm lucky enough to volunteer as a Calm ambassador which I love. I'm 53 years old & from Nottingham UK. I'm mum to a teenage daughter & I work as a teaching assistant with 3-5 year old. It's an amazing job & I can't think of anything else I'd enjoy as much. I start my class off on the Calm Kids sessions & they love it.

I found meditation about a year ago & eventually found the Calm app & started a paid subscription.

Two yours ago I had a major depressive & anxiety episode. It's taken a long time to get back to 'myself' but I'm finally here & I feel more confident & authentically me than I have ever done. I put that down to my meditation practice. It's helped me not to over think things & be more accepting of myself & other people. I still have little wobbles but I know that will pass. My partner says I live in a pink fluffy world but do you know what ...I take that as a compliment because it's worlds away from where I was!!

I became a Calm ambassador because I want to help other people have the experience I have had meditating & feel content & happy with themselves. If even one tiny comment I make can help one person even a little bit then my work is done! Our community is amazing like a little oasis of Calm & I'm so grateful I can be part of that.

Dane Krambergar | Community Ambassador


My name is Dane, I'm 28 and I'm originally from Zimbabwe but I've lived in the UK for nearly 10 years. Currently I live in London and I work as a market researcher/analyst.

In my spare time I like cooking, reading, spending time with my friends, yoga and of course meditating using Calm.

Last year I developed severe anxiety and Calm has changed my life through meditation (the 7 days of calming anxiety programme was a revelation!) Calm inspired me to join this amazing community and become a Daily Calm Community Ambassador. It's been incredible to see the stories, support, kindness and love that people have shared. Keep it coming!

The most important thing I've learned from Calm is that nothing is permanent, so enjoy the journey and ride the wave of life!

Nikki Greene Adame | Community Ambassador


I have gained so much through meditating with the Calm app. When presented with the opportunity to volunteer to help- I was SUPER excited to jump in....😳 I mean- I CALMLY took a deep breath and said yes- sure- I would love to become an Ambassador. *deep breath in- hold- exhale out* ☺️☺️

I love the Deep Sleep program ... now just hearing Tamara's voice ... or ocean waves...or a thunderstorm with rainfall relaxes me. Just thinking about it makes me *yawn* want to find a comfortable position ☺️☺️☺️



Jade Heritage | Community Ambassador


I was inspired to become a Community Ambassador not only because I'm passionate about the meditation and the Calm app, but because I felt that this group was something truly special. Never have I seen such a wonderfully support group of people in once space, especially on the internet.

I am a photography technician and freelance videographer. I love working with students! I have always been passionate about mental health and will next year be studying to become a Mindfulness practitioner with Mind (The UK's mental health charity) for those with mental health difficulties.

When I had spent my entire life thinking that my thoughts were who I am, and then had a mindfulness A-HA moment when I realised there's another dimension to myself. The ability to step back from my thoughts and observe them, still blows my mind every single day, and I am forever grateful.

I have been meditating (almost) daily for almost 1 year now. Depending on how I am feeling I mostly sit, but will occasionally lay back to do a body scan if I need to wind down a little more. Each practice is different, I am never the same every day.

I began meditating when struggling with a terrible bout of depression and stress last year. This was a huge challenge for me, and as soon as I turned to those feelings I gradually learnt to let them heal and disappear over time.

When people ask me about Calm, I tell them it wholeheartedly changed my life. For anyone struggling to meditate, I encourage you not to give up! Remember that having a busy mind doesn't mean you aren't successfully meditating.

Kayleah Joy Weeks | Community Ambassador


My name is Kayleah, and I hail from a small town south of Boston in Massachusetts, USA. I started meditating with Calm in January of 2017 to help with my severe depression, anxiety, and insomnia. I am in awe at how much it has helped! It has become a daily practice for me.

I love the sleep stories, too - they help so much! I love being a Community Ambassador because I can relate to many of the struggles that other members of the community are experiencing, and enjoy sharing how much Calm has helped, and is helping, me. When people ask me about Calm, I tell them it changed my life!

Dayvid Foo | Community Ambassador


I am a musician from Singapore. I started practicing meditation a few years ago under the guidance of a former Buddhist monk. Practice was inconsistent until a friend introduced me to the Calm app. Best thing ever! I meditate in the mornings after waking up. I use the Daily Calm program and sit for 10 to 20 minutes. I dream of meditating up in the mountains of Tibet one day. I joined the Community Ambassador team because I want to use my experience to help others in their practice. Quick tip: Start small, let go of expectations and enjoy the process!

Aleisha Maree | Community Ambassador


Hi everyone! I downloaded Calm last May (Calm & I just celebrated our 1 year anniversary!) which was beautifully timed to coincide with my moving into my first home, getting a not so nice housemate & losing my beloved Grandmother!

I was diagnosed with anxiety a few years ago. My anxiety is compounded by chronic health conditions, a family history of mental illness & some bullying.

I was inspired to become a Community Ambassador after joining the Daily Calm Community and truly getting a taste of what a warm, welcoming community truly feels like! I wanted to help people feel the same love & kindness that I felt when I joined <3

When I am on the ground running I am a Registered Nurse in Australia. I work with people with Drug & Alcohol dependence & I absolutely love what I do.

An incredible moment recently came when I was at work & a gentleman well known to our service was very unwell from Drug & Alcohol misuse & my colleague & I were very concerned for his welfare. As he sat in the waiting room for another staff member to assist him with something else, I found myself quietly thinking ‘May you be well, may you be loved, may you be joyful, may you be at peace.’

My dream meditation spot is wherever I am. I have meditated in the car, in the work bathroom, at the dosing counter & at my desk at work, in bed, in the backyard, on the couch & on the grass watching the ocean. I could never have imagined how much I would benefit from the practise of meditation & mindfulness before I began. Now I cannot imagine my life without it!

I look forward to continuing to share life with you all. It is a true honour.

Glynis Boyd Hughes | Community Ambassador


Namaste dear Calmies :>)

I'm Glynis, sending you light and love from Richmond, Virginia, in the Southeast section of the United States. I want to thank each of you for taking the step and adding your positive energy to this community family:>)--folks think because things are virtual it's easier to do--not always! So kudos to you for being brave.

I remember telling my dear hubby Gary a few months ago how much I love Calm and wished I could work with them--then the very next day the email came out seeking community ambassadors-heyyyy! I started my meditation practice early this year after being in a major funk in regards to the political landscape in my country, unable to sleep, angry and depressed. I went to Calm seeking something just to help me rest-ha!--now here I am, the happiest meditator ever, all in. Since then my daily meditation practice, along with engaging in the community and being a doer of mindfulness, have impacted my life in significant ways. One biggie? Through loving kindness and forgiveness I was able to reconcile with my stepfather and five siblings. I have struggled with depression, body acceptance and rejection all of my life--meditation is teaching me how to manage the hard parts of my life and love me--at the same time.

After a 20 year career as a social worker and training coordinator, I left it to pursue my dream: being a full time writer. I go back to school this fall to obtain a B.A in English, then on to a MFA in Creative Non Fiction. I aspire to teach adults in community college and hold writing workshops because no matter how high tech we get--communication matters! I also lead exercise classes for seniors, am active in my Unitarian Universalist church, am a new gardener and believe I am here to show others how beautiful they really are.

Along with being married to my bestie Gary, I am a mom, grandma, stepmom and godmom in a wonderfully blended family-gotta love it! I am also looking forward to my 50th birthday this year and my treat to myself: spending time at the Zen Mountain Monastery in New York with the monks, becoming a part of that community for a time-yay!

My go to meditation is Impermanence--no matter what, it reminds me to enjoy each moment of life and not hold on to tough times--for all things change. Living this way is pure freedom.

Please feel free to reach out to me with questions, thoughts, to chat or good crème brulee recipes because I love crème brulee:>). Looking forward to seeing you around Calm City!

Dania Toscano Miwa | Community Ambassador


Hey Calmies! I'm Dania from Minnesota; pleased to meet you all. I love the ocean, mountains, nature and animals. I committed to a consistent meditation practice in early 2017, after meditating on and off for about eight years. My partner and I have two daughters, and I’ve found some of our special family time lately has been meditating together (cats included)! For me, the Calm Community is home to heartfelt experiences and people who believe in the power of warmth and kindness towards one another. I'm enjoying making new friends as I share big and little life moments with this community. I know people say it all the time but I have to to say it again: for me, meditation has been life changing in the most positive of ways, and I enjoy learning from others who’ve had that experience as well. For the record, you can never go wrong with the loving kindness meditation when you don't know which to choose--we can all use more love for ourselves and one another!

Kelli Reese | Community Ambassador


Hi, I'm Kelli. I'm excited to be serving the Daily Calm Community as an Ambassador. As a former yoga teacher, meditation was calling my name for years. I tried to figure out creative ways to avoid it, because I just couldn't tame my monkey mind. I started using the Calm App more than a year ago and it changed EVERYTHING! Meditation is now continually approachable for me and something I look forward to each day.

I became an ambassador because I wanted to give back to the Daily Calm Community. It's a special group of people united by meditation and Calm. I love that.

When I'm not meditating I'm an author, coach and certified Akashic Records reader. I recently published my first book called, The Destiny Roadmap. All my clients are Calm subscribers and when anyone asks me about meditation I immediately tell them to check out the app. My favorite meditation is the Winnie the Pooh series. It always makes me smile.

Sabine Kelly | Community Ambassador


Hi everyone! I decided to become more mindful about 2 years ago, after deciding that I needed another tool to help me through life’s ups and downs. Of all the mindful and meditation apps out there, Calm was really the only app that resonated so well with me. Since using Calm as part of my mindfulness practice, I have become aware of so many little changes in myself – most notably I’m getting better at noticing the space that exists between my thoughts and my actions, and using this space to mindfully choose how I respond. Though I'm still working on it everyday, I've definitely noticed myself becoming a lot more patient and a lot less reactive, day to day. I particularly love Calm's Guided Meditations, each with their own little lesson and inspiring quote within. I am also a great fan of Calm’s nature scenes, Calm Kids, Walking Meditation, Loving-Kindness and most definitely the sleep stories and music!

I am truely honoured to be an Ambassador for this warm, good-spirited, caring and kind community that we have all created together.