Compassion is the capacity to respond to difficulty (our own or others’) with kindness, empathy, and understanding. It arises from accepting our humanity and acknowledging that we are forever in a process of growing and learning.

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about." — Wendy Mass

Inspiration for deepening your compassion practice

  • Notice when you’re judging yourself or another, and, instead, consider the complex conditions and circumstances that contributed to this moment.

  • Place your hands over your heart and offer yourself gentleness.

  • Notice when you want to critique or punish yourself or another; instead, explore what kind of support is needed.

  • Notice when you’re avoiding, ignoring, or denying pain; instead, offer tenderness.

  • Notice when you’re demanding or expecting perfection; instead, accept things as they are in this moment.


What is an area of my life asking for more compassion right now?

About Calm Cards 

We created these cards as a way to intentionally cultivate the qualities that support us to show up for ourselves and others in ways that feel nourishing and meaningful.

We encourage you to engage with the Calm Cards in whatever way feels best. Here are a few ways that we love to use them:

  • Pick a card in the morning to set an intention for the day

  • Pick a card on a Sunday to set an intention for the week

  • Pick a card on the first day of the month to set an intention for the month

  • Pick a card when you’re feeling stuck to see what happens when you infuse more of that quality into your day

  • Pick a card when you’re struggling with another person to explore what qualities might bring more ease into your relationship

  • Pick a card and use it as journaling prompt

  • Pick a card and use it in your meditation practice

Calm Cards Booklet

We’ve put all of the cards in a lovely booklet for you to print and work through the practices online.

Download the Calm Cards Journal