5 simple tips to make meditation a daily habit

Some people have the misconception that meditation is a strange mystical activity that involves zoning out, or withdrawing from the world, but it’s actually the opposite.

What it’s about, is tuning in.

Tuning in to the present moment, tuning in to our mind and the state of our heart, tuning in to our bodies.

But often the most challenging part of mediation is how to turn your practice into a regular habit.

So today, we wanted to share with you 5 simple tips for how you can create a daily habit and bring more calm and joy to your everyday.

Start small.

One of the reasons a regular practice can be challenging is the misconception that you need to mediate for long periods of time. In the beginning, start small. Begin with a 5 minute practice and as you get more comfortable, then challenge yourself to sit for longer. Starting small is the best way to make it part of your daily routine.

Practice at the same time each day.

Practicing at the same time everyday and creating a daily ritual out of your mediation practice will help you create a strong habit. Try doing it first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up and set yourself a daily reminder.

Create a dedicated meditation sanctuary.

Creating a beautiful space for you to meditate in will encourage you to create a nourishing daily ritual, that energizes and inspires you. Think about how you can create an attractive space for your ritual with comfortable cushions, or beautifully scented candles.

Celebrate your journey.

The best way to create a daily habit is to celebrate your journey along the way. Start off with the intention to meditate for 3 days in a row and set yourself a reward for doing so. It may be something simple like enjoying a relaxing bath or buying a new book – whatever will inspire you to continue your practice.

Then, set the intention to meditate for 7 days in a row and gradually work your way up to making it a daily habit.

Make it enjoyable.

There are enormous benefits of regularly mediating, so why not make it fun and enjoyable?

Mix it up by experimenting with different music (there are more than 10 different music options in the app to choose from) and try the dozens of programs Calm offers – there is everything from our popular Deep Sleep program to our 7 days of Happiness program.

Making meditation enjoyable and your time to experience bliss and calm in your life will support your daily ritual.

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