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Try a mindfulness exercise.


We’ve partnered with Uber in the UK to make the most of your time in the car. Mindfulness and breathing can help increase our ability to focus and concentrate, along with physical benefits too. Whether at home, at work, in an Uber or before bed, everyone can afford a few moments in their day, and build up from there. Here are four free exercises designed to get you started on your journey from A to B.


Our first guided meditation is a speedy but relaxing three minutes so you can unwind on a quick journey.


If you’re on a quick trip across town, find a comfortable position in your Uber and do these breathing exercises


The average Uber trip takes 12 minutes and 20 seconds. Unwind with this track - the perfect length for many journeys.


If you’re headed on a longer trip, or on your way to the airport, this 30-minute body scan could be for you.