Mindful Living Calendars

Daily challenges to deepen your mindfulness practice and learn more about yourself.

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Calm Intention Cards

We created these cards and journal as a way to intentionally cultivate the qualities that support us in showing up for ourselves and others, in ways that feel nourishing and meaningful.

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Calm Intention Guidebooks

Whether your 2019 is about prioritizing sleep, exploring meditation or changing a habit, these journals will help you discover the small, doable shifts that will add up to more profound changes.


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Gratitude Tooklit

We created this toolkit for you to explore some additional gratitude exercise sand practices offered by Tamara Levitt. As she recommends, try different ones, experiment to see what works, and forge a daily habit of expressing and feeling gratefulness. Enjoy!

Download the Gratitude Tooklit here


Peak Performance Journal

Use this journal to reflect on the principles of performance presented in Jason Kidd’s Calm Masterclass, Peak performance.

Download the Peak Performance journal here


Discovering Happiness Journal

Use this journal to help you integrate the happiness habits outlined in Shawn Achor’s Discovering Happiness Masterclass.

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Creative Living Beyond Fear Journal

Use this journal as a tool to reflect on the teachings and exercises presented in the Creative Living Beyond Fear Calm Masterclass.

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Mindful Eating Journal

Explore and shift your relationship with food with our Mindful Eating Journal. 

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Sleep Journal

Explore what supports your slumber and what hijacks your sleep.


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Mindfulness Journal

Writing prompts for reflection, contemplation and gratitude. Bonus pictures to color mindfully! 


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