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Celebrating 100 Sleep Stories

Celebrating 100 Sleep Stories


In celebration of reaching the landmark of 100 Sleep Stories now being available on Calm, we take a look back at the voices, tales and quirky ideas that have helped millions of people across the globe drift off into dreamland.  

Sleep Stories are bedtime tales for grown-ups that include a soothing mix of words, music and sound-effects designed as an all-natural sleep aid.

It all began with The Queen of Calm, written and narrated by our very own meditation instructor, Tamara Levitt. The Sleep Story was recorded in November, 2016 and continues to be helping parents everywhere.

We've created stories for daytime naps (Nap Time, Afternoon Nap), counted sheep (Drifting off to Sheep), had Ferris Bueller’s droning Economics teacher read to you, and even read you an extract from GDPR, the EU's new data privacy law, in an attempt to give you the rest you deserve. We went to the lengths of having AI write us a story based on the Grimm's Brothers fairytales as well as recapturing the beautiful voice of Bob Ross.

We have transported you to locations all over the world (even into space!) and retold some of the most loved stories including The Velveteen Rabbit and Wind in the Willows!


And who can forget Stephen Fry's mellifluous voice in Blue Gold, when paired with Sleep Mist, is a sure way to get the best night's sleep. 

There is a delicate art to writing Sleep Stories. It needs to be slow, melodic, and soothing, almost like a literary lullaby.

Here's to Calm's 100th Sleep Story

Game of Thrones star, mindfulness practitioner, and Sleep Stories Alumni, Jerome Flynn, narrated Calm's 100th Sleep Story, Sacred New Zealand. We love his calm and dreamy voice.  

In a little over 18 months Sleep Stores have been listened to over 63 million times!

Thank you for drifting off to sleep with us. Here's to the next 100! 💤

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