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Emergency Calm: How to Calm Down in 2 minutes

Emergency Calm: How to Calm Down in 2 minutes

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re in need of immediate stress relief.

So take a few moments to come into your body and begin to engage in some deep breathing.

Find a comfortable position, with a straight back, let your shoulders and hands fall naturally, and close your eyes.

Start by taking a few deep breaths, to transition you from wherever you were a few moments ago to where you are right now.

Practice letting go of anything that isn’t the breath.

Allow any thoughts or concerns to fade into the background for just these few moments. Paying attention to the full length of the inhale and the full length of the exhale.

Follow the inhale from the start of the inbreathe all the way to its very end, then follow it back out, all the way to it’s completion.

Use this time to observe, still your mind and relax. Keep your mind concentrated on just the breath, nothing but the breath.

On your next inhale, bring your awareness to your body, noticing if there’s any tightness you may be holding.

Take a deep breathe in, scanning your body to see what’s there, and if you notice any tension, on your next exhale see if you can let it dissolve.

Breathing into any tension, breathing out allow it to soften.

On each out breath, let your whole body relax, allowing it to feel heavy like a weight. Breathe calm soothing energy into the body, and on the out breath allow your body to feel relaxed, heavy and weighted.

With each breath you take, allow yourself to sink deeper into your chair or cushion.

Breathing in and out.

As you sit, your mind may wander off to concerns of the day.

Allow your thoughts to appear, then disappear, watching them float away like clouds crossing the sky.

Release your anxiety by releasing the thoughts that create it.

With a calm clear mind, you’re better able to face any concerns or challenges.

Allowing for the opportunity to respond rather than react.

Give yourself permission to put a brief pause on your mental activity, creating a calm you can take with you through the day.

For this brief time you’re setting aside, allow the breath to be your only focus. Following the breath all the way in and all the way back out.

Each time you notice your attention has wandered, gently bring it back to the breath.

Return to this moment, just this moment, and the feeling of calm relaxation.

Let your mind feel calm and still.

Be with your breath in tranquil awareness, from moment to moment.

Keep in mind that all situations, all thoughts and all emotions are impermanent.

They have beginnings and they have endings.

Everything rises and passes.

So breathe into the changing nature of life, breathe into trust.

Breathe into your own resilience.

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