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#YearOfCalm: March is all about Sleep

#YearOfCalm: March is all about Sleep


In honor of World Sleep Day on March 16th, this month’s Mindful Living Calendar (and bonus Sleep Journal) explore how to set yourself up for a rejuvenating night’s rest.

Current sleep research affirms that getting enough quality sleep has a profound influence on overall health and happiness.

That’s why helping people get the rest and zzz’s they need is something we care a lot about at Calm.  People across the globe are falling asleep more easily thanks to our Sleep Stories and Sleep Body Scans. They’re soaking up the sleep benefits of quieting the mind with meditation, breathing techniques, and mindfulness.


March’s Mindful Living Calendar and Sleep Journal invite you to examine the daily habits that impact your slumber. We’ll explore caffeine intake, screen exposure, movement, dimming the lights and what you do right before you go to sleep.

It feels important to note that we’re not offering a prescription. Instead, it's an opportunity to get curious about what's supportive and what’s getting in your way when it comes to your rest. It’s from this place of awareness that we are empowered to make the decisions that inspire health and happiness in our own lives.

To get started, print or bookmark the calendar here!  

Take a sneak peek of our new Sleep Journal below and download and print the full version here.

If you choose to accept this mindful mission you'll be joining thousands of people from across the globe. You can share your experience and follow other people's journeys using the hashtag #YearOfCalm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and in the Daily Calm Community.

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If you're looking for a dreamy new addition to your bedtime routine, check out Calm Sleep Mist, a soothing elixir of lavender, chamomile, frankincense and clary sage essential oils. It pairs perfectly with Sleep Stories as an all-natural way to let go of the day, release tension, and relax your mind.

Wishing you the sweetest dreams. 


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