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Mindful Movement Challenge

Mindful Movement Challenge


November 27 - December 3 #movementchallenge

*All abilities are welcome. You will design your own challenge with the support of the Daily Calm Community so that it honours your body and where you are at in this moment! 

Commit to moving everyday for a week. Boost your energy, reduce stress and feel better. 

We were born to move. Yet, we most often find ourselves sitting in traffic and in front of computers. After a hard day of work and despite our best intentions it easy to find ourselves again sitting in front of the tv.

I get it.

By the end of my work day I usually feel a bit fried and crave the tranquility of the couch and my latest Netflix obsession. The trouble is that the quality time spent with my computer on the couch rarely rejuvenates me. Paradoxically, if I choose some sort of movement like a walk with my dog, a dance class, or time stretching, I feel revitalized and able to meet my evening responsibilities and commitments with enthusiasm instead of dread.

For me, movement is a magical doorway between my workday and my personal time. It interrupts my brain looping about my work and all the things that remain on my to-do list and it reminds my body that there is more to life than being hunched over my laptop.  

When does movement feel best in your body?

Even though I've experienced the powerful effects of movement time after time, my couch remains seductive unless I'm in the habit of including movement in my life. Once I'm in the habit I actually start to crave movement because I know how much better I feel when I integrate it into my life. 

Make movement your habit with these three essential ingredients: commitment, mindfulness, and community.

A commitment increases the likelihood of doing something and builds inner trust. It also invites us to sort out the logistics and get clear on the why, what, when, where and how of the challenge.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool. The awareness that is gained from paying attention offers unique and critical information needed to empower long-term change. You’ll notice that the qualities you build through your mindfulness practice—compassion, non-judgement, acceptance, awareness, and curiosity—are invaluable supports in the process of creating sustainable movement shifts.

Mindfulness allows you to move in ways that truly honor your body and what's happening in your life at this moment. 

Community is a reminder that you are not in this alone and provides support to help you keep your commitment.

Let’s try this together. We can share our stories, offer solidarity, cheer each other on, and tap into the strength of collectively working towards positive change in our lives.

Check out this article if you want to learn more about how movement can positively impact your mental health!   

#movementchallenge by Calm

Step One:

Think about if you were to do at least 10 minutes of movement each day what it would look like? Tip: choose something that you think you'd enjoy and that is kind to your body. If you're not sure what you want to do I'll be posting a daily movement video in the community to get you started. I'll guide you through gentle mindful movement exercises designed with accessibility for the beginner in mind. Other options include:

  • walking meditation
  • jogging
  • yoga
  • gentle stretching
  • pilates
  • basketball
  • tennis
  • aerobics
  • going to the gym
  • swimming
  • (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training

Step Two:

Make a plan. Get out your calendar and write down the when, where and how.  Here's some journalling and planning pages to get you started!

Step Three:

Write a list of the obstacles/challenges that might get in the way of executing your plan and think of ways to prevent those things from happening, or come up with strategies for ensuring you can make this work with your life.

Step Four:

Write it down in a way that inspires you and hang it up somewhere you can see: perhaps on the fridge, the back of your phone or your bathroom mirror. 

Step Five:

Join the Daily Calm Community and introduce yourself. In your post, tell us about your movement challenge and any hopes or fears that you might have. Include the hashtag #movementchallenge so that your post is easy to find and we can cheer for you! *Please note that the group is closed so only members of the community will be able to see when you post in the Daily Calm Community. That said, if you want to let your friends and family know what you're doing feel free to use the #movmentchallenge hashtag and tag @calm on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! 

Step Six:

Start your challenge. Your mission is to move with mindfulness. For example, if you chose to run, pay attention to the way your feet are hitting the ground, how your knees are feeling, is your spine upright, how you're breathing, are you tensing your jaw ... Remember that mindfulness is about holding a soft focus. We notice first, let that information integrate and if necessary make a change. I'll be around to support you and answer any questions you have along the way.   

Step Seven:

Reflect on what comes up for you. Check in regularly with the Daily Calm Community. This is where you can connect with other challengers, share your reflections, ask questions, and find daily tips, articles, and inspiration.

Heads up!

Creating new habits and changing behaviour can bring up some feelings that you might not expect. It’s for this very reason that compassion and gentleness are required. Start simple and remember that the most important thing is to build awareness. It's not just about this week, but rather cultivating a positive relationship with your body and mind so that movement becomes part of your life. 

Let's move!

A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

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