The Calm Intentions Collection

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About Calm Intentions

We created these cards as a way to intentionally cultivate the qualities that support us in showing up for ourselves and others, in ways that feel nourishing and meaningful.
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We encourage you to engage with the Calm Cards in whatever way feels best. Here are a few ways that we love to use them:

  • Pick a card in the morning to set an intention for the day

  • Pick a card on a Sunday to set an intention for the week

  • Pick a card on the first day of the month to set an intention for the month

  • Pick a card when you’re feeling stuck, to see what happens when you infuse more of that quality into your day

  • Pick a card when you’re struggling with another person to explore what qualities might bring more ease into your relationship

  • Pick a card and use it as journaling prompt

  • Pick a card and use it in your meditation practice

  • Pick a card to use with a partner or group — like a book club, but an intention club; connect daily or weekly or monthly and share your experiences

  • Send a card to a friend who may need some inspiration

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We’ve also put all of the cards in a lovely booklet for you to use as a mindfulness tool, a journal full of inspiration for your practice.