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Wisdom is using what we’ve experienced and what we’ve learned to make sound decisions. We acquire wisdom with deep noticing and quiet contemplation and, very often, age. Wisdom is a sign of a life mindfully-lived.

Inspiration for nurturing wisdom

  • Find a mentor in your profession or spiritual practice or even a hobby you care about, and study with them.

  • Take good care of your relationship with yourself. Calm’s Relationship with Self series is a collection of guided mindfulness sessions that help nurture self-compassion, self-trust, and an ability to hear one’s inner wisdom.

  • Practice open-heartedness with a loving-kindness meditation.

  • Free-write each morning for 10-15 minutes as a way of becoming better acquainted with your own voice.


What do I know a thing or two about?

“I am unfolding slowly because blooming takes time.”

— alexandra elle