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Get out of your head and into your life with September's Mindful Living Calendar

Get out of your head and into your life with September's Mindful Living Calendar

September Year of Calm

This month, spend more time in your feeling body and less time in your thinking mind.

I give myself permission to occupy new spaces and unfamiliar waters. The goal isn’t perfection, the goal is showing up. alex elle


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Thinking, like most things, is best done in moderation. Spending too much time analyzing or trying to figure something out can be a sneaky way of avoiding feeling.  

In a world that values intellect over emotion it's no wonder that we feel safer hanging out in our minds. Sadly this way of being lends itself to increased anxiety, missing out on the moment, and disconnects us from the wisdom of the body. 

Mindfulness is a way of reuniting the mind and body.  

Of course, one of the easiest ways to start a tornado of thoughts is tell ourselves to stop thinking. Rather than trying to stop our thoughts form whirling and swirling, the practice is to expand our awareness to include more than just the thoughts. To hear the sounds that surround us, to feel the temperature of the air, to experience the body breathing and to sense our hands as we move about our day.

At first when we bring attention to our experience, like the sounds that surround us, it is easy to start thinking about sounds. "I like that sound, I don't like this one, and that sound reminds me of a time ..."   

That's natural and certainly nothing to beat ourselves up about. The practice of mindfulness helps us notice when we're telling a story about our experience rather than simply experiencing the moment. Pema Chödrön says it this way: 

"Feel the feelings and drop the story.”

As we expand our awareness, we realize that our thoughts are just one small part of the vast experience of being human.

This month's mindful living challenges invite us to make more room to be with our lives as they unfold. Here are a few examples:

September 3

Slow down and bring full awareness to the pleasure of whatever you find yourself doing, whether folding a t-shirt, throwing a baseball, sending an email, or watching a sunset.

September 20

Your heart is beating. Your body is breathing. You are here. Receive today as a gift.


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September's Upcoming Daily Calm Meditations

September's Upcoming Daily Calm Meditations

A cure for insomnia? Lulled to sleep by cricket (the game not the insect)

A cure for insomnia? Lulled to sleep by cricket (the game not the insect)