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Tip #29 for the holiday season: Reflect

Set aside some intentional time to look back over the past year. You might light a few candles post-meditation and journal in quiet solitude, or you may prefer this exploration in the good company of friends, perhaps as you contemplate over tea in the early morning light, or you may make a ritual out of it, burning notes of what you want to let go of in 2017. Here are some questions to explore:

What were the highlights of this past year?

What was challenging for you in 2018?

What did you learn in 2018?

Who was important to you in 2018?

What did you let go of in 2018?

Some reflections on 2018 from the Calm team:

Jade: A huge highlight of 2018 was joining the Calm team, the beautiful barbecue I had for my birthday with my friends, and my sister’s wedding! Something I let go of this year was holding back from trying things out of fear. I feel more capable of trying and dusting myself off if I fail.

Christi-an: A few of my highlights from 2018 are starting my psychotherapy practice, launching Calm Body and going off-the-grid for 9 days on a backcountry canoe trip! I’m forever learning how to listen to my body and honour what it’s telling me. I still have work to do in this regard but I’ve developed more compassion for myself and that’s been so helpful.

This is Calm Holiday Tip #29 of 31! Check back here tomorrow for another way to create more joy and peace this season!

The Calm Holiday Journal is a mix of practical mindfulness tips and contemplation prompts, and how you use it is up to you.

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