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#YearOfCalm: Cultivating Compassion in February

#YearOfCalm: Cultivating Compassion in February

January’s Mindful Living Calendar was such a hit that we’ve developed another one for February!


For each day of the month we've designed a mindful experiment for you to try. Last month, we encouraged people to do things like walking meditation, use mindfulness bells, and to drink their morning beverage without technology. In a nutshell, the #YearOfCalm is about intentionally making room for more mindful moments in 2018. 

With Valentine's day coming up and the many feelings it can evoke (including the complicated ones), we realized it's the perfect opportunity to get mindful about relationships—especially the one you have with yourself.

We created this calendar to help you nurture compassion and connect with the power and beauty of your heart. 

To get started, print or bookmark the calendar here!  

We're in this together

If you choose to accept this mindful mission you'll be joining thousand of people from across the globe. You can share your experience and follow other people's journeys using the hashtag #YearOfCalm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and in the Daily Calm Community

Stay in the loop

To receive next month's Mindful Living Calendar or to learn about #YearOfCalm news and events, please sign up below. 


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Addicted to your phone? Try this Calm Masterclass to break the habit

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