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Balance is the correct weighting of one thing against others like the amount of time we work against the amount of time we play and rest. It’s also the ability to keep steady. If you’ve ever watched a child learn to ride a bike, you’ve witnessed a masterclass in balance.

Inspiration for nurturing balance

  • Know what your priorities are. Writing down your top three each morning can be a helpful practice.

  • Listen to the 11-minute Busyness session in the Calm Breaking Habits Series.

  • Schedule activities that nourish your well-being so your calendar always has intentional space for you, and everything that matters.

  • Give yourself permission to change your mind or cancel plans.

  • Go to bed early sometimes. To ease you into sleep, listen to Exploring Easter Island, The Jungles of Madagascar, The Myth of Atlantis, or Wild Ponies of Chincoteague ...

  • Take care of your body, however that looks for you.


What is something I would like to let go of to invite more balance into my life?

“if you do not set consistent times in your life for personal rejuvenation then you cannot expect to have mental and physical resilience during difficult moments”
— yung pueblo