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Community is a group of people having something in common or living in the same place. Community is also a feeling, a feeling of connection and of kinship. Community is knowing we’re never alone. Community is a sense of belonging.

Inspiration for nurturing community

  • Join a community organization like a language club or volunteer group in your neighborhood and spend time in real life with people who share your interests. 

  • Once a month or once a year, whatever suits you ― host a gathering like a potluck brunch or soup-making party. Or if you’re a quiet type, make it a silent reading or meditation get-together. 

  • Organize a community drive. Maybe a local shelter needs hygiene products or diapers or children’s books. Reach out to the people in your neighborhood or office to collect what’s needed and make a group project of it.

  • Learn the names of the people who run the small businesses where you live. It feels so good to greet your grocer by name, and to be greeted by yours. 

  • Instead of asking Google, ask a neighbor for advice about your home.

  • Explore the Calm Relationship with Others meditation series.

  • Coordinate a clothing or toy or plant or cookie swap.


Who are my communities? What is mine to offer? What do I receive from my communities?

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
— Hellen Keller