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Creativity is using our imaginations to make entirely new things like art, recipes, different routes to work ... It is seeing connections, being open to inspiration, and innovating in ways big and small.

Inspiration for nurturing creativity

  • Keep toys in your workspace. 

  • Put yourself in unusual-for-you environments. If you’ve never been, go to the opera, a basketball game, a restaurant with unfamiliar cuisine … and create new neural pathways.

  • Give yourself the mental space for new ideas to arise. The mostly silent Calm Light meditations are designed for this.

  • Doodle! Free-drawing gives the focus circuits of the brain a rest while still keeping the brain “online,” increasing creativity.

  • Use the Calm Non-Judgment guided meditation to quiet any creativity-quashing inner critic.

  • Give yourself deadlines. This focuses the mind to find immediate inspiration.

  • Follow artists and creative people on Instagram and fill your feed with visuals that spark your imagination.


How do I express my creativity?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou