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Equanimity is a state of mental calmness. We experience equanimity when we feel even or composed, especially under trying circumstances. Equanimity teaches us to be with whatever shows up. It helps us notice what shuts us down, pushes us away, or tears us wide open. It encourages us to step equally into the clear and the muddy waters, that we stay present with each moment, just as it is.

Inspiration for experiencing equanimity more often

  • Repeat a mantra, or string of words that helps keep you present. 

  • Focus on your breath. (The Breathe Bubble can help.)

  • Notice when you are feeling hostility, pause, and see if there’s an opportunity to respond with compassion.

  • Practice being present with each moment, just as it is. 

  • Ask yourself, “How important is it?

  • Notice how you’re holding your jaw. Can you soften it? 

  • Notice where in your life you’re holding too tightly to something or feeling a lot of aversion. Is it possible to meet these things with great openness? 


When is my sense of equanimity most easily shaken? What do I need to feel more centered?

“I found the secret to life. I’m okay when everything is not okay.”

— Tori Amos