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Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction, of being pleased. When we do things we enjoy, our brains release neurotransmitters especially dopamine, the chemical messenger closely linked to the brain’s reward center. We all experience pleasure uniquely because of differences in neurochemistry, biology, and past experiences.

Inspiration for experiencing more pleasure

  • Watch a funny movie.

  • Do something novel. Take a language class or go sky-diving or explore a neighborhood you don’t know. New experiences release dopamine.

  • Sleep naked. Feel the sensations of soft sheets against your skin.

  • Snuggle with a pet or a person and give yourself and your snuggle-partner a little feel-good oxytocin surge.

  • Have sex, alone or otherwise. Orgasm boosts endorphin levels in the body and flushes cortisol, promoting deep relaxation and pleasure.

  • Create a regular gratitude practice and give focus to all the good. (The Calm 7 Days of Gratitude meditation series is brilliant for getting started.)


What are five things that bring me pleasure? How can I have more of them, more often?

“Pleasure is the point. Feeling good is not frivolous, it is freedom.”
— adrienne maree brown