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In terms of mindfulness, presence is the state of fully being somewhere. When we are present, we are connected to all that is, in that moment. We notice all the sensations that make up our experience. When we are present with another person, we help them feel seen and heard.

Inspiration for practicing presence 

  • Single-task.

  • Scan your body and notice all the sensations. The Body Scan meditation in the Calm app can guide you.

  • For at least five minutes every day, do nothing.

  • In conversation, listen without preparing a response.

  • Declutter your space.

  • Schedule tech-free periods in your day. (If this is difficult, you’re not alone. You might find Calm’s Masterclass for Social Media and Screen Addiction a support.)


What am I avoiding?

Take care of yourself right now. Befriend what’s happening, not just who you’re supposed to be or what the world should be like. This is where you are now. So how do you care for yourself this minute?”
— Bernie Glassman