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Stillness is available to all of us at any time, with practice. It is a state of being still, of being quiet, calm, inactive, relaxed. It is the absence of disturbance that brings inner peace and tranquility, whatever is happening on the outside.

Inspiration for practicing stillness

  • Repeat a calming phrase. “I am calm” or “I am still” or “I am here now.”

  • Listen with soft attention to relaxing music or sounds. (The Calm app includes Nature Melodies that combine instrumentation with soothing songs of nature ― birdsong, ocean waves, evening crickets, falling water.)

  • As often as you remember, pause, and notice your breathing for a few minutes. Don’t force or control the rhythm, just give attention to your in breath and out breath.

  • Create an intentional space in your home where you practice quiet. It might be as simple as a pillow on the floor or a scarf you put over your shoulders.

  • Enjoy the Returning to Now guided meditations in the Calm app.

  • Set a timer for two, five or ten minutes and practice being still with your body. Notice what comes up for you.  


What am I busy with today? Will this matter one year from now? Five years? Fifteen?

“Sitting in stillness helped me feel connected to something bigger than my own daily drama, and it gradually instilled in me a quiet confidence in my own voice and perspective.”
— Mallika Chopra