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Strength is a quality of being able to do things that are physically, mentally, or emotionally hard. It’s having the energy and presence to meet a great challenge.

Inspiration for nurturing mental-emotional strength

  • Exercise your brain by memorizing a poem or quote. 

  • Follow the Returning to Now guided meditation in the Calm app to train your mind to come back to the present moment, even under stress.

  • Write down your worries to clear them from your head.

  • Make a list of people who make you feel good to be around, and make dates with them.

  • Build physical strength, it will teach you about your mind. 

  • Keep a written list of your accomplishments, big and small. Add to it and review it monthly to be reminded of the hard things you’ve done.


When do I feel most strong?

“I belong deeply to myself.”
— Warsan Shire