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Tip #27 for the holiday season: Play

Tap into the child within and connect to a sense of wonder. Let go of all of the things you should do and explore the possibilities of play. Go tobogganing. Play a game. Color. Daydream. Paint. Go on an adventure with your dog. Be your favorite movie character at dinner. Experience something new. Start a water fight. Dance. Sing. Get crafty. Let go of needing to be productive and even good at whatever you choose to do. Instead, give yourself time to be spontaneous and unleash your imagination. Notice how a little fun transforms your body, mind, and spirit!

Our favorite ways to play from the Calm team:

Jade: Throwing a ball with my dog is such a good way to make the most of the daylight hours. Seeing how joyful he is reminds me to appreciate all those little moments and to not take everything so seriously.

Christi-an: Tobogganing, friendly snowball fights and making snowpeople are guaranteed to bring a smile to my face and warm up my heart.

This is Calm Holiday Tip #27 of 31! Check back here tomorrow for another way to create more joy and peace this season!

The Calm Holiday Journal is a mix of practical mindfulness tips and contemplation prompts, and how you use it is up to you.

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Get Outside

Get Outside