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The Power of Reflection and Setting Intentions

The Power of Reflection and Setting Intentions


As we transition into 2018, we have a natural invitation to reflect on the past year and set new intentions. 

I recommend setting aside some intentional time to first look back and then ahead. Most importantly I advise doing this in a way that is nourishing for you. You might light a few candles post-meditation and journal in quiet solitude, or you may prefer this exploration in the good company of friends, perhaps you contemplate over tea in the early morning light, or you may make a ritual out of it, burning notes of what you want to let go of in 2017 and making art about what you want to manifest in 2018. 

As an option to get started, please join me on December 21st in our Reflections & Intentions Facebook Live event. I purposely chose the day of Solstice because it's an auspicious day for contemplation.  

In preparation for this pensive practice, arrange your physical space in a way that feels meaningful for you. Trying to be thoughtful amidst a bunch of clutter can feel less than inspiring, but taking a couple of minutes to tidy up a corner in your home, and then lighting a candle, playing music, or burning incense would set a very different tone. Get creative or keep it simple and remember it doesn't take a lot to shift the feeling of a space. If you have access to nourishing outdoor space, this is another great option.


Once you've set up your space, start with at least one minute of meditation to settle in and get grounded. Then grab your pen and paper or writing tablet and begin writing. You can create a container for yourself by setting a timer so that you can just write. Allow your words to flow, remembering they are just for you.  

Explore the following questions:

*No need to answer all of these questions, just use the ones that resonate with you as writing prompts.

  1. What were the highlights of this past year? 

  2. What challenges did you face in 2017?

  3. What did you learn in 2017?

  4. Who was important to you in 2017?

  5. What did you let go of in 2017?

  6. What are your hopes for 2018?

  7. How do you want to take care of yourself in 2018.

  8. What do you want to cultivate in 2018?

  9. Who do you want to spend time with in 2018?

  10. What commitments do you want to make for yourself in 2018. 

Take a couple minutes to close your practice. 

What a different world we would live in if we knew how to better honor endings. Here's a small opportunity to practice. Take a moment to check in with yourself and notice what has arisen within while doing this work. Honor your body, mind and heart for showing up and offer gratitude to anyone who made it possible for you to give yourself this time. Gently return to your day, or if you have more time, stay tuned in to your body and choose an activity that will allow you to further integrate the work you have done. Maybe another meditation, some mindful movement, or hot bath. 

Staying true to our resolutions can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

For tips, daily challenges, encouragement and support on your journey ahead, join our January Challenge, #YearOfCalm.

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