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Gratitude is the sweet feeling of thankfulness that comes with our appreciation of an experience or a person or thing. It can arise spontaneously in the moment, but is also a feeling that can be cultivated.

Inspiration for deepening your gratitude practice

  • Keep a gratitude journal to track the things that make you feel grateful each day.

  • Write a note of thanks to someone you appreciate.

  • Listen to the 7 Days of Gratitude meditation series in the Calm app. 

  • When you are feeling lack, pause, and give yourself the space to remember three things you do have in your life.

  • Place your hands gently on your temples and feel your pulse. Notice your aliveness.

  • Listen to the Calm Masterclass, Gratitude, by Tamara Levitt in the Calm app.  


Where in my life am I experiencing a feeling of lack right now? What is available for me to genuinely appreciate in that same area?

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough.”
— Melody Beattie